Mission Log #0003 // Inflow in Style

Autumn came with tame rains under drifting grey clouds and mellow weather, very stylish. Reminds me of the novelette I wrote about the exact moment of one season giving way to another.

Arrived home from the #City with supplies and refreshing experiences.

I spent some time in Finnish saunas and steam chambers, which had a beneficial effect on allergy symptoms.

The whole region is infested with a volatile plant that is spreading huge amounts of pollen – my character has a flaw, being allergic to several of the plants active in this time of the year, usually until early or mid-September.

Mission Log #0002 // Straw Couch Over

This heap of straw has been a couch before:


Part of a couch, a big one.

The couch stood at the Chillout Corner of the local festival, a few weeks back.

We got a hold of these parts as the original owner, who offered it as building material, didn’t want them back. We will use it up as mulch in the #Garden.

Traveled to the #City today, for recreational purposes, and to buy some special supplies, like compressed air and whiteboard markers.

Here’s a closer look at some goth tomatoes, next to the place where the straw landed: