Mission Log #0006 // Systemic Symptoms

Strangely enough, either the Internet is out, or #Electricity as a whole, these days.

Battling allergy, I stay in mostly, and inside all I can do is #Work related, mostly virtual – apart from creating plans for refurbishing the interior here. An update is desperately needed.

The house, at the center of the #MissionSite, or in other words, my home, is an old, single story “peasants house”, its walls made of clay, which means air conditioning is not required, and once it is fully heated up, it’s easy to maintain a pleasant temperature inside it, even in the harshest winter conditions.

#MissionSite is located along the border of two Eastern European countries, so the dominant #Climate here is called Continental, slowly drifting towards the Mediterranean. Precipitation is expected to become more sporadic, with the occasional torrential rains. Temperatures are likely to move towards the extremes with the averages going slightly upwards in the next decades.

But talking about the interior, well, it is burdened by the memory of the socialist past of this country, with quite low quality and straight up ugly pieces of furniture. Upgrading the interior living quarters is not exactly #Mission-related, but certainly would make progressing through the #Quests easier, working and living in an environment that identifies better with us. Design process is already underway.

So, going back to the #Mission, important steps have been made towards participating in a meeting, which takes place at the weekend. This will be an important #Networking event, where I will have the opportunity to strengthen ties with other individuals on a similar #Mission, working on their own respective #MissionSites all over the country, but mostly in the outskirts of the #City, just as I do.

Mission Log #0003 // Inflow in Style

Autumn came with tame rains under drifting grey clouds and mellow weather, very stylish. Reminds me of the novelette I wrote about the exact moment of one season giving way to another.

Arrived home from the #City with supplies and refreshing experiences.

I spent some time in Finnish saunas and steam chambers, which had a beneficial effect on allergy symptoms.

The whole region is infested with a volatile plant that is spreading huge amounts of pollen – my character has a flaw, being allergic to several of the plants active in this time of the year, usually until early or mid-September.

Mission Log #0002 // Straw Couch Over

This heap of straw has been a couch before:


Part of a couch, a big one.

The couch stood at the Chillout Corner of the local festival, a few weeks back.

We got a hold of these parts as the original owner, who offered it as building material, didn’t want them back. We will use it up as mulch in the #Garden.

Traveled to the #City today, for recreational purposes, and to buy some special supplies, like compressed air and whiteboard markers.

Here’s a closer look at some goth tomatoes, next to the place where the straw landed:



Mission Log #0001 // Ascent

I assumed control not much after midday, which is signified by the ring of an analogue church bell at this location.

The sound of the bell is clearly audible in the premises of the whole settlement. 2000 is also signaled by the same sound, as I knew from background data, and experienced it myself as well, later in the day.

It is the first day of calendar autumn, which meant the first working day after a two week long sabbatical for my character – a sort of back on track moment, a logical point in time for my #Ascent.

The day progressed as per the predetermined #Timetable, with time slots alloted to #Work.

#Work is an activity that is considered an ongoing side-assignment that generates income for my character. This income is used for self-sustain, and to provide material goods used for creating a physical environment that is more suitable for the execution of the #Mission.

#Work is usually done on the computer, and largely related to digital content creation in a #Freelancing arrangement.

More on this later, as the current compromise in allotted time for strictly #Mission related activities and others are based on a more elaborate concept that requires a depth of analysis currently incompatible with the #MissionLog format itself.

After #Work, an hour long physical training sequence, while listening to a quite illuminating podcast episode about engaging storytelling.

A small calibration anomaly drove my character to skip #Garden and move on straight to #Recon.

Here’s an image from the evening walk:


Later, in the pub, a group of strangers asked if I could get them a stripper.

They turned out to be members of a bachelor party group from the #City, lodging in probably the most established guest house of the village.

Acquiring the services of a qualified stripper in this location is outside the realm of possibilities, to the best of my knowledge – but I directed them to the very owner of the establishment they inhabit currently.

If there is a creative solution, Viktor will come up with it.

Sadly though, at that hour – approximately 2032 – on an average Friday evening, he might already be too close to the FUBAR state to come up with anything resembling creative.

This concerns me:


This is a heap of used metal, currently residing in the front #Garden for reasons unknown.