Mission Log #0009 // Scrap Run

Got rid of the scrap metal in another country. It paid 5 euros.

#MissionSite is right on the border of two, small, Easter European countries (hence the subtitle of the blog), so when locals go to the optician, the dentist, or to buy groceries, they often find themselves in another nation state.

I also got a new chain for the chainsaw, as the original one was broken. And after that, I went to the Forester. He is living deeper into the long valley which runs out from the mountains to meet the open fields around a small river – the village is scattered over this area, where the valley, or more like a ridge, opens up to the West.

The Forester provides firewood for us, he dropped the latest batch a few weeks ago and now I went to leave the money in the hands of his lovely wife, as he is, of course, in the #Forest usually in the daytime.

Gathering firewood for ourselves is not entirely out of the realm of possibilities, but there are some legal difficulties.

It might seem strange that a forest community can’t go out and get the wood it needs, but the times of abundance have long past, and instead of the local community, big companies own and manage the vast woodlands around us.