Mission Log #0005 // Reorientational Calibrations

So, I’m well aware of the fact, that there’s hardly a point in reading, let alone writing a¬†#MissionLog, if the #Mission itself is unclear.

But I just can’t delve into that yet, for several reasons.

First, the #Mission is more like a concept, rather than a unique goal, which could be easily identified. I think I could describe it in a single sentence, but only through utilizing a largely reductionist approach. And more often than not, when we leave stuff out, and settle for a sketchy result, we end up with something that lacks any particular meaning at all.

Second, the #Ascent is a rough and complex process. I acquire more and more data on a daily basis by accessing newly downloaded background information about my character – memories, thoughts, plans and dreams. This is as much an ‘on-the-fly’ operation for me as it is for you guys.

Third, I would have a hard time if I had wanted to identify a clear starting point in this story. I’m afraid, you all have to accept, that this is an in medias res endeavour.

I don’t even understand why writing this #MissionLog is necessary – all I know that it is required: it’s part of the #Mission.

The #Mission is a loose, comprehensive set of goals, which is broken down into certain tasks, small phases in a long, possibly epic workflow, and all-encompassing adventure I signed up for, when I have taken control of this character. I think that, for ease of use, I will refer to any of them, these Mission-segments, as a #Quest.

So, what have we done today?

I’ve been investigating. Tracking down sources to an apple tree-sapling, which could thrive in the #Garden, which means we are looking for a local variety. I contacted experts, and I will give it a go locally as well, however: this is an area what we can consider as lost local knowledge (I might need to come up with a suitable tag for that).

Varieties of fruit species, that have been used locally for centuries, gave way to new varieties optimized for factory farming – and strangely enough, these new varieties, that require a very specific method to produce the desired results, have made their ways into the local orchards and gardens, outside the factory farms, resembling miniature mimicries of these establishments, even though they are suboptimal for this kind of growth practice, and if not dangerous, but certainly counter-productive, if we want to create an optimally working ecosystem around our homes.

The local varieties don’t need special care, and fit into the #Garden effortlessly, so we intend to plant one of these.

This new apple tree will be the first tree planted by my character, and it has a special purpose.

As I mentioned, I believe (we don’t have access to information about the #Code), the #Ascent is smoother if the would-be character is going through a period which is already kind of transitional in their life. Hence the September 1 launch of this certain project – it is an optimal time of change from a seasonal and astronomical aspect.

But there are other signals of this being a new transitional period.

One of these more foundational changes is that my character lost its spiritual guide in the weeks just before my #Ascent. This guide, or spirit helper chose the shape of a dwarf rabbit, before interconnecting its life with his new apprentice.

Its name was Moses.

Moses spent 8,5 years with him, offering constant telepathic counseling and several supporting services, like offering its forehead for scratching, a greatly stress-relieving process for rabbit and human alike. Here is the last known image of them both:




Moses was buried in the #Garden.

The new apple tree will serve as a beacon, helping its spirit bond with the astral layer of the #Garden, where it can perform its guardian and maintenance duties in this particular form of existence, all the while bearing the very fruits into our ecosystem he very much liked in his previous form.

Mission Log #0002 // Straw Couch Over

This heap of straw has been a couch before:


Part of a couch, a big one.

The couch stood at the Chillout Corner of the local festival, a few weeks back.

We got a hold of these parts as the original owner, who offered it as building material, didn’t want them back. We will use it up as mulch in the #Garden.

Traveled to the #City today, for recreational purposes, and to buy some special supplies, like compressed air and whiteboard markers.

Here’s a closer look at some goth tomatoes, next to the place where the straw landed: