Mission Log #0008 // Pollen Crash

I lost control of my character since my last #MissionLog entry.

I regained control this afternoon, and am trying to assess the situation.

Here’s how it happened.

This is the last image I made on site, before I got jacked out of the system:


It’s not obvious, if you are not an expert, but my character here is making a selfie in the company of two, hugely grown ragweed plants.

I mentioned the unusually strong pollen situation in this country. I also mentioned in my previous entries, that I’m going to attend a special meeting of sorts.

The meeting, or as we call it, the #Convergence, was located at a #MissionSite, much larger in scale than what my character has authority over, and it’s different – it’s a 15 hectare orchard and farm, regularly set up, so it is looking conventional, but it is run according to the #Principles, of course, otherwise we wouldn’t have been there.

I do have all the memories from before I faded out, and the day started pretty okay. The toxic shock arrived when the Sun came out under the blanket of clouds and the big clumps of ragweed went into full dispersion mode.

The symptoms appeared, got stronger and stronger, and I blacked out around dawn.

Two weeks passed.

For me, subjectively, it was just a moment, a few seconds of dark emptiness, with echoes of this reality – like a dream state. It felt like a short time, but it’s entirely possible that everything my character experienced was indeed filtered to me realtime.

I do have access to the accumulated memories of my character, from this time period – a little blurry, but they are there, and they are barely indistinguishable from those that I actually played through.

Strange. I hope it never happens again, and I do think it must be some sort of a glitch – spending only a week in the game, and going offline for two weeks of game time seems unintended – but only the #Developers could answer in detail.

And that, they never do.

Unfortunately, since he was in a sort of downtime mode – He was going through recovery, barely doing even #Work at all. Getting no instructions from me, he doesn’t seem to have accomplished much in this time period, in terms of #Mission objectives – which makes sense, if you think about it.

You play the game to win it – to achieve the goals of your character. If he could make significant progress during this, let’s say, #Downtime, why would it be engaging for you, as a #Player?

The #Convergence was still fruitful, even if I was barely conscious during its latter half, I will write more about that in my next #MissionLog.

For now, I’m just happy I got back to the controls.

We lost some valuable time here – we need make it up somehow.